Hockey Pool Calculator .com

*** NEW - UPDATED FOR THE 2015-2016 NHL SEASON ***

What is Hockey Pool Calculator? is a free DRAFT LIST GENERATOR for Rotisserie fantasy ice hockey leagues.

It is an ongoing passion project written to help make solid picks before a fantasy hockey regular season pool begins.


How does it work? uses a mathematical algorithm to generate its list, based on the particular rules of your pool.

It takes user inputted values for each fantasy category and uses true statistical principles based upon standard deviation and normalization for comparison, to produce a top down fantasy hockey draft list, all ready for draft day.


How can you truly predict how a single player will do in any one season?

You can't. Stuff happens. Players get injured, benched or retire.

However will greatly increase your odds of succeeding in your pool, by making sure that your team stays filled with solid players, deep into the later rounds. The larger the team, the less effect statistical abnormalities will have on it's performance. i.e. - The more correct picks you make, the less of a gamble your team will be.